Events of Interest at STEM Laboratory

List of events:
2/20/2017 - 3/27/2017 Green Valley, AZ Community Center, Rm 200, 1250 W. Continental Road
Green Valley, AZ
"Environmental Effects of Artificial Light at Night (LAN)"
A series of six lectures by Dr. Eric R. Craine, Western Research Company, Inc./STEM Laboratory.

The subject matter is focused on innovative techniques of measuring artificial light at night in many types of communities, and the application of those measurements to our understanding of environmental impacts.

The lectures will address the following topics:
  • Historical consideration of LAN
  • Why is LAN of interest?
  • How is LAN quantified and monitored?
  • What are some of the scientific principles behind LAN measurement?
  • Specific examples of LAN in very diverse communities.
  • How does LAN affect wildlife? Birds? Food chains? Migrations?
  • Why is quantitative measurement important in making public policy decisions?
  • How can you participate in better understanding LAN's effects on our lives?

Classes are 90 minutes in length and will be held on Monday afternoons from 2/20/2017 through 3/27/2017.

Contact: University of Arizona, 520-626-5091;