STEM Laboratory Services

During the past 15-20 years there has been a steady increase in collective sensitivity to issues surrounding the quality of artificial light at night. Prior to this time, relatively little thought was given to these issues. Inefficient, intrusive, disruptive, and unnecessary LAN installations have drawn broad scrutiny in recent years, largely through the efforts of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). The widely acclaimed work of IDA has begun to permeate the public conscious and now whole communities are enacting lighting codes directed at requiring efficient, effective, and non-intrusive artificial lighting.

There is now considerable evidence that LAN also can have a significant impact on the health of humans and an impact upon the health of the ecosystem in which we all must exist. A key element in implementing appropriate community responses to LAN issues is the acquisition of objective empirical data which accurately assesses extent and character of artificial light at night. Such measurements can be used in planning of lighting systems, monitoring effects of lighting and in the mitigation of adverse impacts.

STEM Laboratory has unique resources and experience providing a variety of options for the assessment of LAN over small or large geographic regions to aid in research into LAN effects, planning of lighting systems, monitoring LAN temporal changes, and the mitigation of LAN effects. These services are provided on a customized and individual basis tailored to your needs.