Ground Static Survey (SBM or All-Sky Camera):

Sky Brightness Meters (SBM)

In some cases the main interest is to measure light at night with high time resolution rather than geo-position. To satisfy these requirements a logging sensor system (STEM laboratory's sky brightness meters, SBM) can be installed in a fixed location and record light intensity measurements at user defined intervals (e.g. from every 10 seconds or once per hour). The data can be collected over periods of lunar cycles, seasonally, or for extended periods of multiple years. A highly detailed evolutionary view of LAN at the installation can be obtained.

STEM laboratory's SBM units can also be internet enabled and these iSBM units deployed in varied locations. The units can then be monitored in real-time over the internet from any location. These units are the heart of the SkyGlowNet monitoring program for documenting the changes in light at night over time.

All-Sky Camera

STEM has augmented its LAN measurement capabilities by acquiring a full hemisphere all sky scientific camera. This camera is operated at various fixed locations to give horizon-to-horizon FITS format digital images of the entire night sky. These images can then be analyzed using advanced image analysis software to extract many types of measures of LAN that are complementary to the mobile ground and airborne data.